Dreaming with Freya

Dreaming with Freya

Journeys in the Erotic Otherworld

A fictional romp, from a paranormal perspective, through varied and explicit sexual scenarios designed to feed the soul.


Dreaming with Freya explores sexuality and the supernatural through erotic imagination and considers human sexuality in the modern era from the paranormal perspective. Extending from everyday situations and employing humour, emotional engagement, and mental challenges, the stories range from titillation to the overtly sexual, whilst an extended introduction provides the context and commentaries written from a deep psychological perspective provide the background and intent of the book.


Today we have 300 pages of erotic stories and commentary linking sexuality to the paranormal study of the soul. Am I out of my element? Most certainly so, but still I found this work fascinating and full of meaning. Could I even begin to present a meaningful and intelligent review of this work? I suppose I can, because this book works on a number of layers. If we peel back each layer, we can find truths here. If we review each layer, we can get a much better picture. Dreaming with Freya: Journeys in the Erotic Otherworld is a long collection of erotic short stories at its most basic level. If we ignore the commentary sections, if we ignore the preface, and also the epilogue what we have here is a collection of erotic short stories. Yes, there is a larger meaning here these stories try to weave. They are grouped into several sections with each one having a theme. We will get into the theme later, but for now let’s concentrate on the stories themselves. The stories are done well, and the text quality is good. They are not too explicit, the eroticism here is very mental and deep. This is a book about spiritualism and sexuality so you would kind of expect that. One of the first stories is about a man living his life at various points during it…his gaze meets a familiar pair of eyes. There is no sex here, only the deeply unsettling sensation of familiarity and how the sexual energy between him and this pair of eyes could be a connection to a different reality. Oh yes, we are that deep down the rabbit hole here. Another story focuses on the relationship between two lovers, two people married to others, and how they had to hide this relationship from their social circles. The sex they had was good, it wasn’t explicit, and they do have a deep understanding of each other. It was almost as if they knew each other in another life, or their current lives were past lives. They are making out in the country when a metaphor comes sliding along, in this case a snake, yes a real-life snake, and it slides between them. He doesn’t want to wake her because she’ll startle the snake, so it just slides on by. That snake becomes a symbol for their relationship. It’s not your typical collection of erotic stories by far. The stories are not explicit in the way your typical porn-text is typically written. There are explicit scenes, but the deeper meaning in each makes them less so. I would say heat level is overall moderate, that are some pretty wild and interesting stories in here, and some do have pretty nice heat. Most of them get you thinking about sexuality and the connection to the soul and mysticism. This is where I probably lose many of you, but please, stay with me, there is a great point for writers coming up here. Regardless of what you believe about sexuality, the connection to the soul, and mysticism the questions are asked. I am a firm believer in you providing the answers. For writers, this collection is a great example of using metaphor to create a deeper meaning in a sex scene. Time and time again we get a story that means something else, or has that second meaning. Here second meanings are tied to a belief sexuality can help you transcend to a heightened state of awareness. For erotica writers, layering meaning is layering depth – no matter what your message. Maybe you want to create that spiritual mystical link between two characters? What would you read to provide a good example of how it’s done? If you wanted to write a historical romance where two lovers knew each other in a past life, what experiences would you draw upon? This book gets right into that, and if you are interested in these deep metaphysical connections that transcend time and space, this book is a great resource. It’s not so much to crib from, but it is to get you thinking and in the right mindset of the sexual and metaphysical connections between two souls. In this regard, this book is fascinating and it gets your mind thinking about how a sexual experience for a character can go beyond the physical and into a deeper and more meaningful place. I see plenty of historical and paranormal romances between two characters who knew each other in a past life that just misfire. I mean all we get is, “I felt like I knew him before” or “we were meant to be together.” If you are going to go here, in this highly metaphysical and spiritual place of past lives and past loves, you need more than that. Where the subtle metaphors? Where the eyes? Where is the subtle yet metaphysical linking between two situations in time and space that create a flashback and almost transcendent state between them? This book keeps creating the situations over and over again, in varied and innumerable ways, and it challenges your perceptions of these types of historical romances. The content of the erotic stories and their deeper meanings? I think we covered that. Onto the deeper meanings. At the end of each section we get commentary on the previous stories. I like this, because it kind of told us what the author was thinking and let us in on the secret. I kind of did not like them because they basically told us the same. Yes, I know, show don’t tell, and the sections are really telly in one sense. I loved reading the stories without reading the commentary sections, and trying to figure things out for myself. I ended up reading the stories first, and then going back later and reading all the commentaries. Still, even though the book suffers a bit from having a split personality, but overall the commentary sections were good and welcome. Okay, we have a collection of erotic stories and the commentary sections attempting to lay a larger narrative upon the whole. Our author believes in the mystical connection between sexuality and a higher state of consciousness. In essence, the stories and commentary sections are building an argument when that case. Did it succeed? Honestly, this isn’t a book where you can provide a clear answer like that. You believe what you believe. No book is going to change that. What a good book can do is raise awareness. You will have your own outlook on the subjects based on a million factors, but with an open and inquisitive mind I believe you can get something out of this. This book even has practical uses and perspectives when it comes to thinking about historical (and especially paranormal) romances, thinking about which can give your books deeper meanings in readers’ minds. That high-level of thinking is critical for creating deep meaning, and this book puts you there. Strongly recommended with the deeply mystical and paranormal reader of romance and erotica. I will give this a soft recommend to general erotica readers, the stories are deeply full of meaning but often at the expense of heat. If you are looking for deep connections and meanings that transcend the normal world, then dive in. This is an impressive work, written well and with a high level of understanding of the subjects. I’m not sure that everyone will get it; you kind of have to know ahead of time what you’re looking for when you read a book like this. If you go into this with the proper mindset you will get something out of it. This is one of the most interesting works I have reviewed, and I will be thinking about this one for a while. It is kind of what a good book does, it broadens your perspectives, challenges you in a way, and makes you think. This is a wonderful, deeply spiritual work that no matter what you believe will send you away with more questions than answers. And sometimes, knowing the question is far more valuable than knowing the answer. http://ereaderotica.com/?paged=2 ~ Syliva Storm, http://ereaderotica.com/

Kennan Taylor’s works are a MUST READ for those seriously interested in completing successful soul work, and 'Dreaming with Freya' is no exception. Be aware: this is not empty-headed New Age nonsense designed to make you feel better about yourself. This is about real change. You’ve been warned! ~ Dr Ian Cook, Murdoch University

Dr Kennan Taylor's 'Dreaming with Freya' is so satisfying on so many levels. It caters to the mood of the reader, be it discerning , critical or hedonistic. One can enjoy fruit of Dr Taylor's lifelong dalliance with the mystic, the traditional and the naughty. That these short stories of colourful sexual tableaux can allow the reader to dip in for a five minute pleasure ride with no strings attached, or a deeper immersion into the realms of the psychological, paranormal and psychoanalytical can provide many readings, many considerations. The human and spiritual conditions lie veiled beneath the surface in this text, intuitively and consciously ( it seems) constructed for the purpose of delight and enlightenment. Read it alone, read it with a friend(s), read it at least once, for pleasure, then for appraisal, or, ideally, have it read to you. And see what eventuates. ~ Antonia Naarstig, Murdoch University

From a metaphysical point of view, some sexual experiences have a power that takes the kundalini thundering up the spine to hit the pituitary gland with one almighty bang. It is in that nanosecond that that the veil between the seen and the unseen is pierced. You could say the line has been crossed from the physical into the paranormal wherein another journey occurs. A deep mysticism emerges to greet you and you know you will ever crave for more. Kennan Taylor's work will take you to, and push you over the edge of your reality, wherein you can explore your own sexuality within the realm of the supernatural. It's a unique way to take yourself 'home'. The stories that Kennan tells in his book may charm or repulse you, but you cannot doubt their authenticity or his integrity. For me, 'Dreaming with Freya' from a metaphysical framework culminated in the chapter he called The Séance. I consider this work to be a welcome addition to the world of psychosexual spirituality. ~ Anni Hoddinott, Metaphysical Practitioner

Kennan Taylor has elucidated the unspoken truth for those who are serious about developing their mind, body and soul via validating the primal role of sex in the essential emotionality of being human. His words took me on a journey of exploration that challenged my belief basis and at the same time excited my senses. When you read this work, be prepared to be stretched and stimulated. ~ Brad Mewburn, Psychologist

Kennan Elkman Taylor, MD
Kennan Elkman Taylor, MD Dr Kennan Taylor is a consultant, therapist and teacher in holistic health. He has degrees from Oxford and London universities, and has work...
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