High Heeled Guide to Spiritual Living, The

High Heeled Guide to Spiritual Living, The

This is a fierce, loving, funny and compassionate account of how to be truly spiritual in the 21st Century. 


The High Heeled Guide to Spiritual Living is a passionate, fiery and funny account that shows how to bring the deliciously soulful into modern life.  It demonstrates how in a world overrun by rampant egos, consumerism and celebrity you can spiritualize your sanity and revamp your life for the benefit of your soul, and all with a side dish of feisty feminine panache!  The High Heeled Guide to Spiritual Living discloses delicious spiritual secrets and intimately reveals how to easily manifest these mysteries into your reality.  A definitive guide for anyone who desires a truly spiritual life.


A sparkling and instructive book. ~ Network Review

The overriding feeling of this book is a personal and passionate invitation to bring spirituality into modern life. Regardless of whether youre on the path already, this delightfully soulful approach is founded on love... I found the authors style warm and engaging, which is always a treat in any good book. This is exactly the sort of book which causes me a dilemma: there are so many people I want to lend a copy to, but actually, I just know it wont be returned if I do.

~ Mother Magazine


A complete breath of fresh air to a genre of spiritualism which of later years has tended to take itself very, very seriously indeed! Filled with warmth, fun, realism, laughter and encouragement you will discover how you can manifest a richly fulfilling spiritual life.

~ Blue Wolf Reviews

This is a wonderful book which is well written, well organized and very entertaining.  In this book Grist talks about how one can live a spiritual life without having to make huge, major life changes.  While I do not agree with everything she says, her book is very engaging and I would recommend it to many people.

This is honestly a book I could read several times over a couple year period.  It can help almost anyone, especially woman, who are trying to fit faith into their lives


~ Jessica Elizabeth, Facing North

Best Book - Defined by humour and a good dose of groundedness, Alice Grist has rustled up a true delight with this sequel to her first book, The High Heeled Guide to Enlightenment. Based in Leicester and with an ever increasing fn base, Alice knows how to bring spirituality down to earth so we can all have a taste.

~ Prediction Magazine Awards - Best Book Winner, Prediction Magazine

Alice speaks directly to your soul in a way that everyone can understand; it's funny, fiery and unputdownable. Buy it a s a gift and get one for yourself! ~ Michelle Jones, Chat It's Fate

Alice Grist is the Sassiest spiritualista out there. The High Heeled Guide to Spiritual Living is any conscious seekers;s guide to life. Her second book, draws from the well of Alice's own experiences of spiritual awakening. She dips a hilarious yet thought-provoking spoon into everything from battles with the ego, body issues, gurus, love, beauty, diet, Karma... infact, every aspect of this crazily beautiful journey that is life, and serves it up with a sprinkling of down to earthiness and the kind of outlook that we can all relate to. We are keeping a keen eye on this bright star. 

~ Prediction Magazine - Book of The Month, October 2011

In her first book, The High Heeled Guide to Enlightenment, Grist recounted her search for spirituality through the wisdom of ancient spiritual traditions. Instead of finding the answer she was looking for, she found more questions. It opened a door that allowed spirituality to find her. Actually, it allowed her to realize that she was already spiritual and everything in her life was part of her spiritual journey. It’s a truth that any authentic guru will give to his/her followers. It’s a truth that readers will relate to and revel in.

She divides the book into eleven lessons. Each lesson is a kind of meditation on a topic: faith, the Goddess, love. Dynamic, witty, and filled with insight disguised as common sense, her writing puts universal experiences, especially women’s experiences, into language that allows us to look at them from a new perspective. This one will apply to a broad audience. It’s fun to read and will leave readers feeling better about themselves. Of course, you’ll want to display it with The High Heeled Guide to Enlightenment — a perfect package.


~ Anna Jedrziewski, New Age Retailer

The new book is a must read. Alice, who is feisty and no-nonsense, shares her own spiritual secrets and experiences, busts mystical myths and speaks directly to any girl (or guy) who need to spiritualize their life in the 21st Century. You’ll find lots of inspirations and insights into your own spirituality, the mechanisms of your thoughts and the magic of being in the moment – I love it!

~ Lisa Clark - Author, Blogger and Sassy Sorceress, http://thesassysorceress.com


  "A brilliant spiritual development book I would highly recommend."
~ Sharon Goodwin, Jera's Jamboree

I review lot of books for my blog, but rarely do I find myself nodding in agreement as much as I did while reading The High Heeled Guide to Spiritual Living.Alice's writing style is forthright, thought-provoking and sometimes confrontational, but she writes from her heart, with passion and sincerity. I didn't agree with everything she says in her book, but it would be a dull world if we all thought exactly alike.

~ Lucya Szachnowski , Badwitch


Alice has written a frank and honest account in very simple terms for all to understand, this is a definitive Guide to a more Spiritual life. It is clear that Alice has a lot of experience on this subject and is extremely honest and often very amusing in her interpretation of this subject.“ The High Heeled Guide to Spiritual Living demonstrates how in a world overrun by rampant egos, consumerism and celebrity you can revamp your life your soul with feisty feminine panache”

This really is an easy read whether you are new to the Spiritual Living or just looking for a fresh view or to help you back on track. I loved the way at the start that Alice list of the don’t /nots and clears all the misconceptions we all have

A book you can pick up and put down and just read when you have a little bit of free time. It’s so personal, it is like having Alice over for a cuppa and discussing things with you and encouraging you that you can do it if you try! A must for any Coffee table.

~ Louise Graham, http://lougrahamiiblog.wordpress.com

"The High Heeled Guide to Spiritual Living is the perfect up-to-date resource for the modern reader. Intimately written with warmth, intelligence and humour, it guides the reader through the chaos of everyday life. A real candle in the darkness."

~ Jacky Newcomb, Best selling author of 'An Angel Saved My Life'

In her new book, The High Heeled Guide to Spiritual Living, author, Alice Grist reveals the necessary tools for spiritualizing modern life, offering up a digestible platform for today's spiritual seekers. This is a fiery book covering many areas of areas of human experience upon which contemporary spirituality can be based. If you're ready to reignite your inner spark this is the book for you. ~ Gabrielle Bernstein, Speaker/Author of Add More ~ing To Your Life

'A stylish, witty and at the same time profound guide to spirituality, emphasising that there's really no division between the sacred and the profane, and that every aspect of our lives is potentially divine.' 

~ Steve Taylor, Author of Out of the Darkness and Waking From Sleep.

"Alice steps deeper into her truth and teaches us by sharing her experiences. We hear the wisdom of her Higher Self speak through the beautiful human being that she is. As we follow her journey through the landscape of her spiritual awakening, we learn the central lesson of the Age of Aquarius: to use our own discernment, to follow our own teacher within, instead of some external authority. Be ready to be entertained, challenged and inspired!"

~ Judith Bogner, TV Presenter, Event Moderator, Spiritual Healer

"In the High Heeled Guide to Spiritual Living, Alice Grist offers an honest, witty and detailed account of her spiritual journey and how, whether we realise it or not, each of us is already on a spiritual path. Through her own personal insights, Alice challenges you to free your mind of perfection, embrace the idea there is no coincidence and experience the messages the natural world is offering you. Your next steps along the path are only yours to take but Alice's book will definitely help you along the way." ~ Delphi Ellis, Specialist in Dream & Nightmare Analysis, This Morning Dream Expert

Alice has her finger on the pulse of the Universe and her insight into modern culture and tips for avoiding the traps of a consumer world are golden. Alice is an amazing role model for women who just know there is something more to life than what we are being sold. A must-read book for a new switched on generation of women tired of leading passive lives. ~ Sharni Montgomery, Author of www.sharnanigans.com

“After a delightful taste of her own experiences shared through the pages of a High Heeled Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment, Alice Grist is back to introduce the reader to her best work yet, by offering needed tips and wise advice on how to recognize our lives for the spiritual journeys they are. The High Heeled Guide to Spiritual Living is, no doubt, an impressive collection of lessons focused on finding the sacred into the ordinary.” ~ Sandra Carrington-Smith, award-winning author of The Book of Obeah and Housekeeping for the Soul: A Practical Guide to Restoring Your Inner Sanctuary.

"...'This book is a must read: fun and fabulous. Alice, who is feisty, fabulous and kick-ass, shares her own spiritual secrets and experiences, busts mystical myths and speaks directly to any girl (or guy) who need to spiritualize their life in the 21st Century. You'll find lots of inspirations and insights into your own spirituality, the mechanisms of your thoughts and the magic of being in the moment - love it! ~ Lisa Clark, Author and creatrix of www.thesassysorceress.com

THHGTSL is a super guide to beginning & navigating the endless path of spiritual living. Shot through with comedy & twinned with personal experience - this book is filled with not only the 'how to' but also the all important 'how not to' make spirituality achievable and life changing. A great read for spiritual seekers - especially lipstick loving ladies who are not afraid to do what it takes to find their soul. ~ Cher Chevalier, Spiritual Adviser & Author of The Hidden Secrets of a Modern Seer

''As someone who has been torn between wanting to be as 'natural' as can be, whilst striving to live a spiritual, peaceful life and to encourage others to do the same, I also happen to love 'nice' things such as fashion, jewelery and travel. It has often left me, like perhaps so many other women, to feel incredibly guilty and even confused for wanting those things, not knowing where we fit in and is this ok, are we bad people? Alice Grist has written an incredible book for all of 'us' confused ladies, about putting those fears at ease, whilst teaching what is truly important in life and how to seek joy and appreciation for every moment of every day. A really beautiful book, one that you will want to share with everyone you know'' ~ Anna Rodgers, Miss Eco Glam - Eco Friendly Journalist

Alice Grist has done it again. After sharing her High Heeled journey on the road to enlightenment the sassy, spiritual adventurer is back with a witty and personable guide to bringing living, breathing spirituality into your everyday life. Whilst some writers seem to encourage you to live a monastic life - aloof from the real world, Grist gives us 21st century advice complete with twittering, inner goddesses, chocolate cake and of course, fabulous shoes. If you haven’t met Grist before, welcome to your new best friend: get home from work, kick off those high heels and allow her to demystify spiritual living for the modern woman. ~ Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton MBBS, Author of Punk Science and The Genius Groove.

Grab life by the antlers with Alice Grist as she takes you on a journey through the joys and pitfalls of the spiritual path. She offers important lessons as she shares her own path through thick and thin; going from a life as a typical “weekend warrior”, living just to experience the next party or high or fad, to taking a good, hard look at herself and what she wants to get out of life, and steering herself into a whole new way of being. She makes countless important points for living a truly spiritual life: in particular that being spiritual doesn’t have to mean meditating in a cave with a guru somewhere high in the Himalaya. Living spiritually means living each moment from a spiritual perspective, recognizing that the daily tasks of life can be incorporated into the spiritual experience simply by shifting one’s own perspective of life itself. Because spirit and the mysteries of the universe are all around and within us, and the universe itself is both testing and guiding us on our path. See everything in life as having a deeper meaning, even those small, supposed coincidences that nag at the back of our mind, making us wonder what’s really going on, and life itself will take on a much greater meaning and be a fuller, richer and more profound experience. Alice manages to find the balance between daily life and the greater reality beyond, and weaves them together to show the reader how to approach life in a new and exciting way. ~ Gabriel Morris, Author of Kundalini and the Art of Being

Brilliant! I could read it over and over again. Alice Grist’s High Heeled Guide to Spiritual Living is a feast for your soul! Whether this is your first look into spirituality or if you are a longtime student Alice covers all you need to know. Alice has delicious way of serving up the perfect words to feed our soul’s spiritual needs. Guiding us through this sometime bumpy road of faith, love, body-mind connection and life’s reality checks. We aren’t born with a how to guide on discovering our spirit, it’s a learn as we go kind of thing and it’s not always pretty. Alice’s vulnerability and honesty sharing her spiritual journey strikes a chord that resonates deeply with me. Her challenges and humor will validate your experiences as being spiritual even if you didn’t realize they were and this discovery will open up your soul to divine spirit that already exists within you, not something you have to go searching for. Spirituality, simplified is one way I’d describe the message of this beautiful book. This book is an important introduction for the spiritual novice and a needed reminder for those already spiritually enlightened souls. I completely relate and am grateful she’s created this guide for our spiritual living. I will use as a touchstone in my own life and as a practical reminder that in all the ups and downs, I am spirit with some humanity thrown in to keep me grounded! Alice, thank you for sharing your talented spirit with us through this incredible guide! ~ Amy Schuber, Success Coach for Women & Teen Girls, Founder, Be Inspired By You www.beinspiredbyyou.com

Alice is a woman on a mission: she is determined to make ‘spiritual living’ accessible for everyone!

There are many great books available on spirituality, but some of them might just be a little daunting for someone who is new to the subject.

Alice writes in plain English with many examples taken from her own life. She is not afraid of jumping in at the deep end and reporting her discoveries with blunt self-honesty and a delicious sense of humour.

Alice’s book manages to be both entertaining and thought-provoking at the same time. If she can do it – you can do it! Her story promises extraordinary encounters, coincidences and adventures along the way.

Her story also demonstrates that once you make a commitment to ‘spiritual living’, spirituality is not something you explore in the evenings or whenever you have a moment. No, spirituality is a way of life, a way of being in the world, a way of communicating with beings from this world and other worlds. Spiritual living requires that you find the courage to change you perceptions about yourself, love, life and people. Once you do that, your life will be such a rich tapestry of experiences, love and friendship – you will never go back. Buy a copy of Alice’s book but don’t expect to be exactly the same person by the time you reach the final page. Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride!!!

~ Imelda Almqvist, Painter and Shamanic Practitioner

Alice Grist shares her journey, her spiritual rollercoaster, her wisdom and her energy in this rollicking good ride, The High Heeled Guide to Spiritual Living.  She writes with an energy, wonderful humor and consistently helpful insight as a guide and fellow traveler on the road to spiritual life.  Her soul, like her line of books, rocks! 

~ Robert KC Forman, Ph.D., author Enlightenment Ain’t What It’s Cracked Up To Be: A Journey of Discovery, Snow and Jazz in the Soul.

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