I Call Myself Earth Girl

I Call Myself Earth Girl

When Gloria discovers that the baby in her womb was conceived in another lifetime, she must unravel the mystery that ties her to the past and future.


All Gloria ever wanted was a normal life. Instead she is having recurring dreams about Earth Girl, who recounts the story of her abduction and rape. When Gloria discovers that she is pregnant, despite her husband's long absence, she begins to question her sanity. Could she really be carrying Earth Girl's baby?
Can she save her marriage while unraveling the mystery that ties her to the past and future and to a love that endures beyond time?

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Jan Krause Greene Has written an awesome first book.. It blew me away.. It is totally Unique.. I have never ever read anything like this before ..I was hooked from the first few pages..I felt as if I was there with the characters.. every step of the way...Especially Earth Girl .. I could feel everything she did.. This book is full of suspense.. heartache.. and Hope..I cried like a baby reading this book.. this is a book I will read again.. I will not give the story away I detest spoilers.. You must read this book you will not be disappointed... For a first novel Jan Krause Green Rocks... I look forward to reading more of her writing... ~ Cookie's Princess, Amazon.com, Amazon.UK

OK - so when I say not an "easy" book to read, I don't mean it's badly written. I mean that it deals with themes like war, environmental degradation and poverty that are not light subject-matter and not for the faint-hearted. This is not an easy-read action-adventure sci-fi book but rather a book that reflects on the nature of humanity and where we might (unfortunately) be headed in the future. Debut author Jan Krause Greene handles her subject matter deftly through paranormal/supernatural elements - the conception of a baby girl through a mother who could not technically be pregnant. The girl is linked to strange prophetic dreams the mother has which turn out to most likely be true. The girl has a hard time adjusting to her life and no one is sure if she is truly human or rather some kind of alien prophet sent to earth to warn the human race about the future. The book deals sensitively with love, death, and trust as well as the "big picture" issues facing the human race today. While this is a slim volume (around 260 pages), you can't zip through it in a quick read. You really have to sit back and think about it. Great, unique, unusual debut narrative. Will be interested in what this author writes next. ~ Petal, Amazon.com

WOW. That's the first thing I'm going to say about this book. Beyond that, I'm pretty much speechless. I Call Myself Earth Girl starts out with a woman who has mysteriously become pregnant during her menopausal years although she hadn't had sex with her husband in a period of time in which this may have logically occurred. Now, at first I rolled my eyes and wondered what kind of ride I was going to be taken on. Thoughts of Jesus and the Virgin Mary aside, I assumed her condition was probably psychosomatic and the story was going to be about some poor crazy woman who would end up destroyed when she realized that her pregnancy was a lark. Yet, the pregnancy turned out to be very real and the manner in which the characters dealt with the situation extremely human. I'd love to go into the details of the story but to do so would rob future readers of the incredible journey that Jan Krause Greene has taken me on. Therefore, I'll leave it to Ms. Krause Greene to take you down that road. If I had any complaints about this book it would only be that the characters often times became repetitious with their thoughts. Prior to becoming a writer myself, however, I never would have noticed this. I only did so because I've been criticized for the same thing. Aside from that, this was a perfectly written novel that I would recommend that anyone and everyone reads. ~ Carrie F. Shephard, Author, Amazon.com

I enjoyed the back and forth of the character in both settings. I found it interesting and it held my attention. In places I felt that it was over-explained and somewhat wordy. Overall I felt that the story part was really what made it worth reading. ~ Mrs. Joan Di Masi, Amazon.com

I had the pleasure of reading this book recently - it was amazing. Captivating story that brings you into the emotions and turmoil of a young girl and her family. Twists and turns you wouldn't expect - and they keep you glued to the book throughout. This story is worth your time and efforts. Check out this book! ~ Brandon Rith, Amazon.com

I Call Myself Earth Girl hides a deep message within an easy to read story. It's written alternating the story between the "here and now" life of Gloria and the very different life of Earth Girl. Is Earth Girl merely a vivid dream or something more? Well... you'll have to read and decide for yourself! The storyline is clever and has some interesting twists. The main characters are fleshed out nicely and the dialogue is excellent, but I did find some of the descriptive portions a bit rushed. I would have liked to have been shown more and told less, but that's a personal complaint. It doesn't detract from a well-crafted plot and, all in all, a good thought-provoking read. ~ Michelle Frost, Goodreads

This is something quite unique. I've never read anything quite like this book... and it had me from the first chapter. I'm just not sure how it enticed me so soon and so thoroughly. I'll have to read it a second time, soon, to figure out how she did that! I actually found that, although I didn't really have much time to spend reading this book... I kept reading it to the detriment of other things I should be doing! I wondered how I'd feel, reading a book where the main character is, supposedly, a human girl named Ella, whose eyes glow with golden light, but by the time the little girl had grown to where this began to happen, the author had given just enough 'scientific' and medical rationale to make me quite comfortable with the fact that her eyes glow with a golden light sometimes - mainly when she's upset. And she's legally blind, but sees with her mind... whether her eyes are open or closed. It sounds ridiculous the way I've written it here, but in this book, these concepts just progress in a seemingly natural way. This book deals very well with that situation where, on an intuitive level, we are sure something is true, but we allow others to convince us not to trust the feeling - or we rationalise it out of existence all on our own. This book has quite a balanced approach, with characters sitting squarely on both sides of the equation. I found myself wishing, though, that there were more 'Ellas' in the world we live in, to help us overcome this fear of following our intuition and, as Ella says herself, to remind us to "pay attention to the important things." Excellent read. I'd recommend to all - seekers of all things spiritual and skeptics alike. ~ Gary William, Amazon.com

I could not put this book down! There was such a wonderful lyrical quality to Jan Krause Greene's well developed characters and incredible story. This is one for our collective 'earth conscience' and is based on a super cool premise about Earth Girl. Her vast 'being' is with us like a spirit or nymph in a Klimpt painting come alive. Can't wait for the sequel. A best first novel with passion! ~ Virginia Green, Amazon.com

This book paints a no-nonsense picture of challenges – most of them caused by us – that threaten the very existence of the human race. Krause Greene shows us the potential for a very dark future if people don’t act and act quickly to cherish and nurture the earth that sustains us. But she also proposes what might be done to set things right, a path that incorporates lifestyle changes that would also lead to a world with less war. For all the threatening themes she develops in I Call Myself Earth Girl, the overall message is one of hope and even inspiration. The story itself is riveting and complex, woven on a non-traditional matrix of space, time and spirituality that engages readers and keeps them guessing. An American woman, Gloria, communicates via dreams with a brutalized woman in a war zone while at the same time dealing with her own pregnancy that, given the circumstances of her life, seems biologically impossible. She gives birth to a daughter, Ella, who has golden orbs for eyes and a need to express her vision for a better world. Through Ella, Krause Greene offers up a model for whom we might become in order to save ourselves and our home. ~ Seattle, Amazon.coim

This was an amazing debut novel. It has such an interesting plot and has so many twists and turns that you are never really sure what is going to happen next. The main character Gloria, who is 46 years old, is thrown into an inexplicable situation where she is pregnant with what she believes is a baby that belongs to a young girl from a war torn country that comes to her in her dreams. She understands that no one will probably believe that the child cannot be her husband's and that she did not have sex with anyone else. The characters are compelling and the dialogue flows easily. You become impacted by the spiritual messages and realize that it is important to become more socially responsible and to care about creating a sustainable and better world. ~ M.L. DeCollibus, Amazon.com

The entire premise of the book drew me in and kept me reading. The characters were well developed and plausible and the plot unfolded at a natural pace. The message - peaceful coexistence and environmental stewardship - resonated with me. I look forward to reading whatever comes next from this author. ~ Linda Vincent, amazon.com

This was an easy read and it left me wanting more. Complete with cliffhanger and perfectly positioned for a sequel, it also contains a timely message that is relevant for all humankind. I've never read anything with this kind of storyline. It's full of heart and it's a great debut story. Pick up or download a copy today. ~ PiedPiper, Amazon.com

Well developed characters and a suspenseful plot will hold the reader's attention from start to finish. "I Call Myself Earth Girl" entertains at the same time that it challenges one to consider the responsibility we all have to care for our small planet and all who inhabit it. ~ Splitends, Amazon.com

The book encapsulates a story about time space reality interwoven with themes of environmental consciousness. Intricate character development that left me wanting more! Looking forward to the next book! ~ Jaguar Heart , Amazon.com

Could not put this book down! Such intensity and desperation felt for Gloria, trying to explain... and understand, herself! This book is a true page turner and at the same time carries a valuable message... you will be inspired by the end!! ~ Amy White, Amazon.com

In its opening, Call Me Earth Girl carries you convincingly into the tragic chaos of a war torn country. You are not sure where you are but arbitrary death and rape surround a young girl as soldiers go on the rampage. Then you meet Gloria in present day America. She is having visionary dreams about a young girl in a war torn country, and has the awful discovery that she, at 46, has fallen pregnant; the news is awful because it cannot be Gloria's husband's child. Nor is it anyone else's. Gloria becomes convinced she is having Earth Girl's baby, but doesn't expect anyone will believe her. Jan Krause Greene, in her debut novel, explores an entirely original story line. How would it be when a woman who is about to become a grandmother, falls pregnant with a girl with unusual qualities from some other time and place? We experience the ups and (mainly) downs as the family try to come to terms with its newest member, a blind girl with strange golden eyes, who can see. Ms. Krause Green has a wonderful ear for dialogue and takes us on a journey into the heart and soul of a family facing the unexpected. It is a joy to come across a story that is so deeply engaging and truly unique. ~ M.C. Morison, Amazon.com

There are so many things in this world we don't understand, but what really matters is what we do with the opportunities given to us and the knowledge that not everything is out of our control. In Jan Krause Greene's book I CALL MYSELF EARTH GIRL you are introduced to characters that will force you to look at the world and your place in it differently. We meet Gloria, a woman who finds herself in a situation where she's pregnant, confused and on a journey to discover answers. The path before her leads to someone who she gets to know as Earth Girl, and the decisions she is faced with have far-reaching consequences. Will Gloria allow fear to keep her from being a part of a larger plan or will she do everything in her power to change the outcome and avoid obedience? These are just some of the questions you will be faced with as you see the connections between us all and what we can do to make the world a truly better place. Definitely a book that will speak to you on levels you could have never imagined, I CALL MYSELF EARTH GIRL is about realizing your purpose, walking in it and seeing how your future is affected by what you do today. ~ Cyrus Webb, Conversations Book Club

Those looking for a book they can't put down because they can't wait to find out what happens next should put this book at the top of their must-read list. Author Jan Krause Greene has imagined a story that is impactful, inspiring and spiritual. It's the story about Gloria, a present-day woman in mid-life who inexplicably becomes pregnant then starts having strange dreams about someone who calls herself Earth Girl. In Gloria's dreams, Earth Girl recounts events that seem to occur in the future -- a future that is very dark. Gloria wonders where these dreams are coming from, and others wonder if Gloria is going crazy. The mystery of Gloria's pregnancy and the meaning of her dreams keeps the reader in suspense throughout the book. This story about choices, survival, the possibility of time travel and the fragility of our planet will stay with readers well beyond the end of this book. It begs for a sequel -- which this fan of Krause Greene will be hoping for. ~ Christine Shock, Goodreads

I was totally hooked throughout the entirety of this story about a baby girl born by an impossible conception (a sort of virgin birth, let’s say) who seems to have a warning for the world. This is not a plot you’ve read before; the story is unique. It’s so cliche to say “I couldn’t put it down,” but that’s exactly how this novel went for me. It moves fast. I won’t say more so that I don’t take away anyone’s fun in reading it. As for the characters, their relationships were compelling and kept me wondering what was coming next. It’s not often I come across a novel that’s a quick read but also manages to have depth and meaning—I Call Myself Earth Girl is one of those books. So original. I loved it! I’m hoping to see another book from this author. Check out the book trailer, too. It’s really great. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AEW7f... ~ Cricket Baker, Goodreads

I Call Myself Earth Girl is on a level all of its own. Throwing the reader into a parallel universe where she exists, and at the same time, finding her all around us for those who want to open their hearts to find her. It is a beautiful read with a remarkable story that seems too real not to be true. Earth Girl has a million messages, but the one message you will take home into your heart is that her story is our story and the future is in our hands. I Call Myself Earth Girl allows us to tap into our true potential and become who we came here to be. A shining light has been lit at my core and the fire is burning to do more and be more. For this message I am eternally grateful to the author, Jan Krause Greene, for sharing her beautiful story with us. ~ Marieke Marieke, Goodreads

What a powerful book this is! It travels between the present day to dreams from another time, all the while keeping the reader mesmerized. The characters are rich and believable, living with daily joys and struggles. On one level it is a work of fiction, on another an environmental plea and warning of the perils Mother Earth may face. The surprising ending will have you hoping for a sequel. Congratulations to Jan Krause Green for a profound first novel. I look forward to her future books. ~ Robert H, Amazon.com

This book has intrigue and mystery, and an important message that should impact all of us. Underneath the messages, the very real struggle of Gloria coming to terms with a mystery pregnancy at age 46 is beautifully handled. Jan Krause Greene, puts herself into the emotional turmoil of a family torn apart and put back together by the shocking events that unfold, and the challenges posed to their long held beliefs. A must read, it is fast paced and easily digestible. ~ Maria Barry, Goodreads

What a captivating book, with a powerful message! Dreams of another lifetime, alternating with the impact on the dreamer's current-day life, creates an intriguing story. Any spiritual seeker will enjoy the many questions that arise, relating to the reality of time, reincarnation, and the effects of our decisions on future generations. The book also has vital information relating to our relentless use of natural resources and ongoing wars. I highly recommend this book! ~ Deborah Lloyd, Amazon.com

I could not remember the last time I read a book so quickly! This was a wonderfully thought provoking, captivating and well written story that sucks you right into the middle of the characters' lives! I found myself totally submerged in the pages and often lost track of time while reading. Bravo!!! ~ MRF

Just finished reading I Call Myself Earth Girl. Wow! Can't remember last time I read a book so quickly, because I didn't want to put it down yet at the same time wanted to slow down to absorb the message. Not only did I enjoy it,I was mesmerized by the characters, and will continue to reflect on the message. It is time to change our way of how we think about life on earth and as a human race. This book is a reminder that each choice we make in life does impact our future generations. It is possible to change and make a difference. Looking forward to reading more from Ms. Greene ~ Mom of 2, Amazon.com

A story that forces you to take a step back and truly look, not only at your personal situation, but the needs of the World. I will definitely read this again as I try to live up to all the needs mentioned. Amazing, powerful message written from an inspirational point of view. ~ Joy Studer, Goodreads

I have just finished my second reading of Jan Krause Greene’s debut novel, I Call Myself Earth Girl and am equally awed at her creative imagination in presenting this cautionary tale as I was at the first reading. Ms. Greene asks readers to suspend the conventional conception of time as a linear progression in order to give us a vivid but compassionate look into a future world without the means to sustain civilization. The barest outline of the tale’s progression is that of a child who dies at the moment of birth during a late 21st century worldwide drought and is subsequently(?) carried in the womb of an early 21st century, 46 year old woman who has not been sexually active. This child and her latent mother’s futuristic dream visions have a message for mankind about the fate of a planet which pays insufficient attention to the signs of the ecological and societal disasters to come. But the heart of this story is to be found in the author's obvious love for this Earth, her concerns for its future and the compassion she shows for all of her characters as they struggle with interpersonal complications visited upon them by the circumstances of this mysterious birth. In her character portrayals Ms. Greene anticipates more complex dynamics than a reader might expect fictional characters to exhibit, demonstrating her keen sense of what it means to be a human being living a human life with all if its pain, anger, sorrows, confusion, ambivalence, joys and ultimately love – the last best hope. For the open minded reader Ms. Greene’s passion for her message, her compassion for human imperfection and her hopes for our future will far outweigh any misgivings in response to the time travel mechanism she uses to engage our attention – to ask us to care and to act. I sincerely hope that we will see more of Jan Krause Greene's thoughtful writing in the future. Don Willson-Broyles ~ Don Willson-Broyles, Barnes and Noble

Myths are those truths that can only be told in stories.* - I Call Myself Earth Girl is a compelling myth for the 21st century. Not every reader will be able to make the leap of faith it takes to accept Gloria's life circumstance, but those who can will discover richness and challenge in their own lives revealed by "Earth Girl." Thank you, Jan Krause Greene *Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype ~ Beth , Goodreads

She's 46. She just found out she's three months pregnant. Her husband has been away, and she hasn't had sex in six months. Who or what is the father? And how is she going to explain this to her husband? No wonder Gloria Geist is bewildered and frightened. Could her pregnancy have anything to do with a recurrent nightmare she's been having? Or is it not a dream but a past-life memory ... or a telepathic communication? Whatever it is, it's horrifying, a 12-year-old girl undergoing a devastating ordeal of war and rape. The girl, Earth Girl, is pregnant from being savaged by a barbarian warrior. Gloria has the intuition that Earth Girl exists in another dimension and is using her as a surrogate mother to bear the child. But with a father like that, what sort of a child would it be? Would she bring the horror of her past with her? Or has she overcome it, gained spiritual power, and is now bringing a message of healing for our violent species and our abused planet? Or could it be ...? The surprising answer emerges out of the twists and turns of a well-structured plot that leaves the characters, the world, and the reader much changed. In fact, these lines of William Butler Yeats sum up the book: "All changed, changed utterly: A terrible beauty is born." The novel blends ecology, mystic wisdom, and the many facets of family love into a satisfying whole. Jan Krause Green is very good at developing and resolving conflicts among her characters, and she has a gift for making the bizarre believable. I Call Myself Earth Girl is her first novel, but it begs for a sequel. ~ William Hathaway, Author of Wellsprings

Earth Girl hauls you into her story from the first paragraph. The interplay between fantasy and reality, past, present and future flow seamlessly into an environmental story that we are all living out now. A real tour de force that is inspiring, probable and possible when lived through the main characters. ~ Stephanie Sorrell, author of The Therapist's Cat

Jan Krause Greene's debut novel is one of those books you just can't put down. The story is compelling and the characters keep you wanting more. Most readers will be inextricably drawn into Gloria's dilemma quickly. The plot twists and turns its way to an unexpected , but satisfying, finale. The moral heart of this intriguing tale centers on difficult issues that don't have simple answers. Greene's characters don't find the answers, but they make you hope that someone will. After you are done, you will keep thinking about it for a long, long time. ~ Julie Mancini, Founding Director of Literary Arts Portland

The new emerging consciousness unfolding across the planet, felt by millions, is about remembering, tapping into and harnessing the gift of the intuitive mind and no character has yet to exemplify this zeitgeist like Earth Girl. I Call Myself Earth Girl is a modern Giver, The Phantom Tollbooth with the speed of The Never Ending Story, but there is one difference: Earth Girl brings us a message for our world that may just prevent a nuclear war. ~ Christine Harmon, author of Clueberry World

Clear, clever, ethereal writing that draws you in from the very first page. I Call Myself Earth Girl is a powerful novel I found difficult to put down. ~ Danielle Boonstra, author of Without Fear of Falling

Now here is a book with a difference: the main character is a girl who exists beyond time and has eyes made of pure light! “I Call Myself Earth Girl” is an exciting read that packs a spiritual punch, invites us to rethink quite a few of our perceptions – and pay close attention to our dreams! ~ Imelda Almqvist, Painter and Shamanic Practitioner

Jan Krause Greene
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