A mindset reset guide to happiness

Discover how to reset your mindset and consciously make positive changes, while creating unlimited possibilities through your unconscious mind!


    How could 10 minutes a day be a game changer for your life? With In10tions, readers will discover how to reset their mindset and consciously make positive changes in their lives, while creating unlimited possibilities through their unconscious mind. In this inspiring guide, Melissa will lead you through a process to set the tone for your day, shift your perceptions, help you reconnect with who you really are, and create a reflective and meditative practice...even if you think you don’t have the time! Our intentions can determine who we become and help us with the manifestation of what we want in our lives. Good or bad, intentions pave the road of our own personal journey of who we are now and who we are capable of becoming. It’s time to ignite your intentions to create a life of happiness, acceptance, gratitude, abundance, and unlimited possibilities!


    What a lovely book - a perfect starting point for anyone wanting to quiet their mind of daily chatter and focus attention on a positive thought process. I wish I would have had this book when I began my own mini meditations not too long ago. Even if you already have a daily meditation practice, In10tions offers fantastic prompts to find a place in your mind in which to focus and help do away with negative self talk, which most of us have had creep in now and then. With all that we have going on in our busy world, In10tions is a terrific tool to hone in and fine tune our desire for peace and joy in a simple, straightforward and loving way. With ninety prompts for the ninety days of creating In10tions in one's life, this book could be opened at any page to embark on a creative journey toward whatever change we desire. This book will be of benefit for the novice or a seasoned journal writer who is looking to delve deeper. In10tions would also make a wonderful gift for someone who wishes to re-direct areas in their life where they feel stuck but are unsure of how or where to begin. ~ Alicia Garey, Author of What a Blip: A Breast Cancer Journal of Survival and Finding the Wisdom

    “In10tions” is a remarkably wise, gentle and loving guide for how to begin a meditation practice. Melissa Escaro is a spiritual explorer and life coach, who, in addition to a daily yoga and meditation practice, has done a deep study of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). Her approach to meditation is fundamentally wide open and non-dogmatic; as she says, “The key to remember is there is no one ‘correct’ way to meditate, you do what works for you.” In her own practice, each day she uses some different key word, such as “Love” or “Faith”, to create an intention, a focus point for the meditation, and then brings her mind back to that word during the meditation from time to time, and “allows the mind to settle.” She also uses full-length intentions, or affirmations, throughout the day, and in this book she sets forth a 90-day course in setting intentions in our own lives, as an aid not only to developing a meditation practice, but as a foundation for all levels of personal growth. The 10 in the book’s title indicates that only 10 minutes, morning and evening, are needed for this course. This is something anyone can do! One example of the affirmations Ms. Escaro uses: “My words of affirmation and positivity create the experiences of my life.” The intention word that accompanies that phrase is “Positive,” which can be repeated throughout the day to remind ourselves of our intention. A brief journaling session each evening is included in the process, which focuses on three questions the author provides for that day, about how we made use of our intention and how we might expand that intention in our lives. One of my favorite parts of this book is the single line in italics at the end of each chapter, which in every case seems to convey a dash of profound wisdom, integrating the affirmation with a higher understanding. In the case of the above affirmation, the line is: “The language we use directs the soul to the destination that we seek.” Powerful writing, I must say. What a delightful and beneficial book this is! I have no doubt that this work will bring about a potent positive transformation in the life of anyone who follows through on the 90-day plan. Heartily recommended! ~ Ram Das Batchelder, Author of RISING IN LOVE: My Wild and Crazy Ride to Here and Now, with Amma, the Hugging Saint

    Meditation can seem daunting, and many of us put off starting, or getting beyond a certain point because the compulsive thinking of the unobserved mind makes us feel that we are unable to sit in stillness and silence. In10tions gives you a very simple and structured introduction to meditation, and the practicing of increased awareness in your daily life, using simple and short meditational spaces at the beginning and end of each day, easing you into deeper connection with your inner source of conscious awareness. Meditation is not something separate from your daily life. However when you begin to meditate, just like learning to play a musical instrument, paint, write or dance, you need to put aside dedicated times in which to practice. Whether you are struggling to get started or feeling stuck after months or years of practice, In10tions will be of invaluable help. A primary purpose of meditation is to free us from the dominance of the habitual thinking mind with its negative thought forms that cause fear, depression, and anxiety. These thought forms exist within us as individuals, and are a part of the human collective that have existed for thousands of years. As we awaken we become more sensitive to these old negative patterns, which can make us feel as if we are regressing, rather than celebrate the fact that we are noticing more through our awakening conscious presence. Practicing the daily exercises in the book will help you to break these patterns by increasing your body awareness, and through the practice of conscious breathing. Both are powerful doorways into the present moment, where all creativity and new life takes place. Although the book presents a structured daily practice, this is not fixed. There is freedom, and space between the words, allowing you to adapt the practice to your own needs and specific life circumstances. I found myself revisiting some of the earlier practices as I worked through the book, which occurred quite naturally and without any effort on my part. From a spiritual perspective we are multi-dimensional beings that live in a multi-dimensional universe where everything is an interconnected whole. At your core you are consciousness, and consciousness liberated from negative thoughts brings new - which means creative - life into the world. When we are caught up in the mind we miss the miracle of life that is present within us, and around us here, now. Unaware of our creative potential we miss the opportunities this miracle continually presents to us. In10tions is a way of helping you to realize your connection to that miracle, and to free up the creativity that is inseparable from who you truly are. In10tions will help you set your intention to be at-one with this wholeness. ~ Stephen Pope, Author of Patterns of Creation: Logos and the Tree of Life in the Gospel of John

    With compassion and great love, Melissa's In10tions takes you on a journey to a new life by guiding you to replace negative thoughts and behaviors with positive and empowering inner shifts. If you’ve lost confidence, or given over to pessimism, this book will show you the way home. ~ Cynthia Occelli, Author, Radio Host, and Founder of the Beautiful Life School

    This book, along with Melissa, came along in my life at a time when a whirlwind of opportunity was swirling around me. As a therapist and entrepreneur, building a business of holistic healing for highly traumatized individuals, it has been easy to become overwhelmed as the world presents challenges, solutions, and demands. Wanting so much to create a welcoming, effective healing environment for others and to promote the awareness and success of my fellow healers, I found little time for my own centering. In10tions: A Mindset Reset Guide to Happiness reminds us that a simple yet profound approach can reset your life. The brain is a most amazing organ and recent research in neuroplasticity shows us that this center of thought can either program us or be programmed by us, allowing us to overcome the hurts and adaptive responses designed to protect our basic selves from real and perceived hurts. Much of my practice is helping people to undo the programming in their life that no longer serves them, holds them back or seems to imprison them in their pain. Traumatic experience brings about a complex brain response naturally designed to protect from current and future threat. There is increasing scientific evidence that effective therapeutic interventions to manage pain, resolve PTSD and rewrite life stories employ the principles of brain science and neuroplasticity, including NLP. As I read through this guide, I found myself excited for many of the people who come to me – this is a wonderful tool that is easily integrated into daily life and can support as well as guide the therapeutic process. Change takes work and sometimes work in the form of gentle self-care generates compliance and follow through. Simple yet elegant, easy to follow yet quite profound, this guide is a must for the reception area as well as therapy room, as well as the private setting for the healer to recharge and redirect so as to more healthfully continue the vital work that we do. ~ Vicky Primer, PhD, Certified EMDR Therapist

    'We have the choice, what will you choose?' Is how Melissa leads us into a non-stop happiness transformation guide of 90 powerful affirmations to reset our intentions to unlimited love, abundance and bliss as we were destined to have during our lives on this planet. The choice is ours. Will we live in the darkness or step toward the light? With In10tions, we step confidently on the path of recognizing and actualizing our inherent power within. In10tions is a gift for every man or woman born on this planet, as we are each miracles, and this book is a manifester of the miracles we already are but somewhere along the way, forgot to be. ~ Samantha Marie Davis, Founder of Lipstick Affirmations (#lipstickaffirmations)

    In10tions is an example of a person's creativity, positivity, and purpose manifesting itself into a book. Melissa has so much to offer from her personal experiences and as an expert in the meditation which she pours into this book. Make meditation a part of your DAILY LIFE now and use this book as your launchpad. ~ Ritu Ashrafi, Atma Kriya Meditation Teacher and Founder of

    Finally a book that will not only help you change temporarily to the better, but also help you confirm a great new habit! Melissa exudes goodness, and has created a magical guideline that she is sharing with the world. Our mind is our most powerful tool, and with these simple steps, she is helping us open up to the possibilities each and very one of us are capable off. As she states in her book, "Personal development isn’t always rainbows and butterflies! But the reward of your personal self-discovery makes all the heartache and challenges well worth it." Who can argue with that? Now if you haven't already, go read the book! ~ Dimitra Kotanides, Yoga Instructor and Owner of Dimitra Yoga

    By providing an overview as to why 90 days is an effective period to devote to one's personal growth - by allowing the brain to reset itself - In10tions permits the mindset to redirect its course toward something that often eludes many; inner peace. Even with a busy lifestyle, with this book and its easily implementable steps, all you need are ten minutes each day for 90 days and a true commitment to rejuvenate your spirit, revitalize your life, and radiate growth. Things we can all do in a snap! Whether you are an avid practitioner of meditation or yoga, a fitness enthusiast, or not quite into any of these, In10tions is a book that belongs in every hand attached to a mind seeking inner peace and spiritual fulfillment. ~ Geneva Fonda, Professional Photographer and Writer

    In10tions is a book for those seeking a way to focus daily. It provides positive activities for readers to engage in that will enlighten their minds and encourage their spirits. Melissa is a natural with making others feel great and this is evident through the pages of this book! ~ LaQuisha Hall, Founder of iEAT (Empower. Aspire. Transform) and Author of Positively Bodyful

    In10tions - A Mindset Reset Guide to Happiness is a an easy-to-use, practical guide to meditation. It is also serves as a 90 day make-over manual for a mind in need of transformation. Melissa provides a simple formula for taking control of your state of mind. Take 10 minutes in the morning to meditate on a positive intention. Re-visit the intention throughout the day as life's inevitable challenges arise and take 10 more minutes at night to reflect on how setting the positive intention affected the rest of your day. To make it even easier, she provides the postive intentions in clear, straightforward language. If you've been intending to meditate, or planning to become more positive, or hoping to feel happier this is the book for you. I highly recommend it. ~ Jan Krause Greene, Author of I Call Myself Earth Girl

    Melissa  Escaro
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