Oh Great, Now I Can See Dead People

Oh Great, Now I Can See Dead People

Sam's back and now she can see dead people!

With trying to plan her wedding and accidentally letting the spirit world free to roam the earth, how is Sam going to cope?


Sam's back and now she can see dead people! Following on from, Oh Great, Now I Can Hear Dead People, this fun tale follows Sam's journey as she develops on her eventful journey as a psychic. Sam is busy planning her wedding to her budding pop-star boyfriend Jack, so when she's asked to perform a seance for her mother's WI group on Halloween, she reluctantly agrees. Being preoccupied with seating plans, Sam forgets to close the circle and sets free a whole host of spirits in to our world, who refuse to go back unless they get an invite to the wedding. As Sam struggles with life as a modern psychic, planning her wedding, and trying to help her spirit guide Ange - a good-time Essex girl, who's only interest is what Cheryl Cole is wearing and Heat magazine, she is shocked to hear that Amy, her ex-best friend desperately needs her help and even more shocked when Amy decides her own fate. Oh Great, Now I Can See Dead People is a funny glimpse into the ever crazy world of Sam and her hilarious dead entourage!


I liked this one even better than the first. It's funny and engaging. Warm and inviting, this book is an easy read. Typical English humor—dry and witty. It is not a "deep" novel. It's light reading when you don't want to tax your brain too much. Also, if you are a psychic medium, understand that Debora is writing fiction. It is not meant to be an accurate depiction of how mediumship really works. It is entertainment. I loved it. ~ Anita Burns, The Messenger: http://www.themessenger.info/content/book-a-media-reviews/fiction-reviews/item/2048-oh-great-now-i-can-see-dead-people

Deborah Durbin
Deborah Durbin Deborah Durbin is the author of 11 non-fiction books and one novel. She has 15 years' experience working in print media for national magazin...
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