Rainbow Way, The

Rainbow Way, The

Cultivating Creativity in the Midst of Motherhood

The comprehensive, soulful companion for artist mothers on their creative journey.


Visioned as the guide and mentor that most creative women yearn for, but never find in their daily lives, The Rainbow Way explores the depths of the creative urge, from psychological, biological, spiritual and cultural perspectives. This positive, nurturing and practical book will help to empower you to unlock your creative potential within the constraints of your demanding life as a mother.
Featuring the wisdom of over fifty creative mothers: artists, writers, film-makers, performers and crafters, including: Jennifer Louden (multiple best-selling author), Pam England (author, artist and founder Birthing From Within), Julie Daley (writer, photographer, dancer and creator of Unabashedly Female), Indigo Bacal (founder of WILDE Tribe). Foreword by Leonie Dawson (author, artist, entrepreneur and women’s business and creativity mentor).


When society mapped out Motherhood, it left out one very important area: The Creative Rainbow Mother. The aspect of Motherhood that caters for the Mother's needs, not just of food and shelter but for the creative urge. This book will help you sail these uncharted seas. "The Rainbow Way explores the depths of the creative urge, from psychological, biological, spiritual and cultural perspectives." If you feel that urge, but are not sure how to unleash it, this is the book for you. If you feel that you haven't got time to work with that aspect, gentle exercises and reflections, that only take a moment of your day will help you to walk the path of the Creative Rainbow Mother. I read The Rainbow Way, and within a few days, my life and the way I look at what I do was transformed. Everything I do is creative, from cooking family meals to brushing the children's hair. Through the book, Lucy was my doula for my own creative re-birthing. I realised that what I thought was my creative urge, wasn't, and the frustration of not doing things subsided, making way for the creative flow. Making a few moments here and there has made a profound difference and my family are noticing too. At the beginning, Lucy promises “This is book is not about doing more stuff” this book is about you, about what you already do creatively, and how to recognise and work with that. How to make that creative wave, that ripples out across your life, barely disrupting the pond life yet a creative tsunami to you. There are moments of reflection and pauses to ponder and apply what you have just been reading. With inspiration and encouragement from the words of artists and mothers, women just like you who have that desire to create, yet feel that it must be hidden away behind the needs of the family. The Rainbow Way is about opening up to, and connecting with your creative side, bringing those ideas into the light, with paint, wool or words. ~ Suzanne Thomas, Juno magazine

Lucy's book is a gift of beauty that feels like a waterfall of sweet nectar flowing upon the flower of our soul. With tender warmth, the author takes our hand and invites us on the magical journey of authentic self expression. Walking beside us each step of the way, she encourages our unfolding dance of creativity with a rainbow of inspirations and ideas. Guided by Lucy's vibrant support, each woman will traverse her unique path of creative self discovery... a path that leads us to the exquisitely fulfilling experience of inner communion and outer expression. ~ Mara Berendt Friedman, celebrated artist of the sacred feminine

Lucy Pearce has done a superb job of reclaiming her creative self and discusses wisdom, healing and the antidote to inner death. She helps the reader to find the passages and initiations of life, death and motherhood. ~ Lynn V. Andrews, Best-selling author of the Medicine Woman series, shaman, teacher and member of the Sisterhood of the Shields.

We're dedicated to our kids, but can’t afford to lose ourselves in the chaos of motherhood. So how do we do it? This book is the generous answer – and the most important survival guide creative mothers will ever read. ~ Ariel Gore, founding editor of Hip Mama, author of seven books including The Mother Trip: Hip Mama's Guide to Staying Sane in the Chaos of Motherhood.

The Rainbow Way is much more than a practical guide for mothers to stay creative, it is a spiritual and personal journey to understand the essence of one’s true self. This book is big and all encompassing. Lucy has managed to cover almost every aspect of working creatively from specific exercises and tools to the psychology of fears, doubt, vulnerability, courage and sensitivity. She discusses with nuance and insightfulness the ideas of finding flow, needing a muse, intuition, using dreams, and imagination. She understands and has experience working with other mothers and values the importance of supporting each other. The testaments from other mothers about the absolute need to be creative in their lives while raising children are wonderful, inspiring and sometimes painful. But all experiences we can relate to – even if one is not a mother. In all ways, Lucy, has depicted every color of the rainbow in this book. It inspired me greatly and I know it will inspire so many others. The best gift of all from this rainbow of ideas is that our creative force as mothers will not only help us grow but it will help our children grow into creative, caring and compassionate human beings. ~ Mary Trunk, filmmaker, director of Lost in Living a documentary film about creative mothers.

More than ever before, it is vital for mothers to reclaim their souls and their creativity so that we may mother from our wholeness. In doing so, we will change the destinies of our selves, our families and our world. The Rainbow Way is such a beautiful guide to shift your mode of living from "Surviving" to "Thriving". ~ Leonie Dawson, business and life mentor, author of 73 Lessons Every Goddess Must Know. , From the Foreword

The Rainbow Way: Cultivating Creativity in the Midst of Motherhood is destined to resonate with mothers of all ages. My own daughter is on the cusp of the motherhood years and I intend to share a copy of this loving guidebook with her. I especially value Lucy Pearce's description of the Rainbow Mother as a lost feminine archetype, one with her own distinct dark side, the Crazy Woman. Having these aspects of our experience as mothers given words makes them real and able to be understood and shared. The world more than ever needs women who hold the strong vibration of a grounded creativity, one which we also pass to our children to fortify them as they meet the challenges of an accelerated planet. This book is a welcome companion for all mothers navigating the dual, intertwining and sometimes conflicting joys of motherhood and creativity in service to their families and to the world. ~ Pat B. Allen, author Art is a Way of Knowing and Art is a Spiritual Path.

If you’re a creative mother, The Rainbow Way is the book you’ve longed for. In these pages, Lucy Pearce does what few others have done: She extends a hand—no, a bear hug—to the tribe of creative mothers who share the particular experience that Lucy articulates so beautifully. From creative centering to the navigation of time, space, resources, process, inspiration, and beyond, it’s all here. Via journal prompts, concrete exercises, and the personal experience of creative mothers from every walk of life, readers will delve deep to uncover their own creative truths – and with those truths, a realm of new possibilities. ~ Miranda Hersey, writer, creativity coach and host of the blog Studio Mothers.

Like a new best friend Lucy Pearce offers permission and support for mothers to embark on a creative soul journey. With passionate encouragement and heartfelt advice she dishes up a full gamut of women's wisdom: from spirituality to vulnerability, intuition, perfectionism, libido, creating time, expressing the Crazy Woman and more. As Lucy reminds us "the message of love or beauty or hope needs to be said by a hundred thousand different voices, written by a hundred thousand different pens, at a hundred thousand different times in history". On each page, as she shares her own labor of love, she enthusiastically invites us all to cultivate our creative expression... in the midst of motherhood. ~ Jenafer Joy, director of Cosmic Cowgirls LLC- every woman has a story to tell, a song to sing, and a legend to unfold!

Lucy H. Pearce
Lucy H. Pearce Lucy H. Pearce, 32, lives and breathes the creative rainbow mother archetype in a little pink house on the south coast of Ireland. She is an...
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