Soaring - A Teen's Guide to Spirit and Spirituality

Soaring - A Teen's Guide to Spirit and Spirituality

This book, written with teens and young adults in mind, is an introduction to spirituality in the New Age.


Have you always wanted to know why you are here? What your life purpose is? Have you wanted to be reassured that you are not alone and there is someone "up there" helping you? Have you wanted a better understanding of who God is? If your answer is "yes" then this is the book for you.
This detailed guide will give you an in-depth understanding of spirituality and the wonderful spiritual beings who assist us in everyday life. It's written specifically for you, not your parents. You will learn about Free Will, intuitive development, who the Archangels are, and spirit guides; how to figure out your divine purpose, how to live and view your life positively, and much, much more.
You are not alone and have never been alone. You are here on earth for a very special purpose, and this book can help you figure out what that purpose is by providing you with the information and spiritual tools you will need to blaze your own spiritual trail.


"A thoughtful, well-written, much-needed book on spirituality for teens. Deneen Vukelic is blazing a new spiritual trail--just for young people." -- Dr. Susan Shumsky, award-winning author of 11 spiritual books: ~ Dr. Susan Shumsky, Celebrity Author

So far, so good. It's interesting and my favorite part about reading it is for the fact that it makes me think. It's a viewing point that I have not taken before. It gives me a feeling of optimism, which I also really like about it. ~ Sarah, Age 19

I absolutely love this book so far! It's nice because you aren't just telling us something but you are going deep into it and explaining things in terms anyone would understand. Also I like that it makes you think not only about yourself but it gets you curious about the other side. It makes you to want to continue reading and learn more. I loved the second section of Soaring. Especially the story!! It really portrayed how everything happens for a reason and we all have a blue print in our life. It really makes you think about your own life in that sense. I love it so much especially the story that I'm going to read it again! :) Loving your book so far, can't wait to read more. Lidiana, Age 16 ~ Lidiana, Age 16

Deneen Vukelic
Deneen Vukelic Deneen Vukelic is a wife and mother of three boys. She is also an holistic healer on Long Island - 40 minutes from NYC. She has been doing h...
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