Sometimes you have to Bite the Dog

Sometimes you have to Bite the Dog

One Father's Journey. One year with my daughter.

A new father's experiences of the first year of raising a child. A year of tears, laughter, life and beauty.


A new father's experiences of the first year of raising a child. A year of tears, laughter, life and beauty.
A collection of thoughts and advice from the perspective of a new father. From the birth to the first birthday these insights are a reflection of the changing role of the father in modern society and all that comes with it.


This is a beautifully written book about the authors experiences of fatherhood. It had me captivated from start to finish and brought a tear to my eye. Essential reading for all parents, In this honest and heartfelt book the author shares the emotions he feels at his daughter's birth, how life changes with the responsibility of becoming a father and oh so much more, that I won't spoil by revealing here. Sam Coleman is a talented writer and poet with a gift for putting into words the intimate details of his life and the book is a testament to his love for his daughter, who I'm certain will love reading it when she grows up. I particularly liked the structure of the book that went from Eve's birth and the authors reflections on many aspects of fatherhood through to reflections from his own father. I would highly recommend this book. ~ Charlie Plunkett, Amazon

This book made me both cry and laugh out loud. I wish it had been around when I had my two babies as I think it would have given my husband a much better understanding of what I was going through and how to give me the support and love when things were difficult - not only during labour but also in the months that followed when I sometimes felt I really didn't know what I was supposed to be doing. A must for not only new Dads but one for Mums to read too as it helps them understand the hopes and fears of their partner. ~ Mary Bumble, Amazon

A thoughtful and tender look at both childhood and parenthood. ~ Quentin Bates, author of Frozen Out

You need to keep writing. We all need you to do that. Parenthood is an elusive club to people like me but thanks to you I really get it. ~ Natasha Blunt, Group reading at signing

Sam Coleman
Sam Coleman A writer, a father and a human constantly on a quest to destroy my own ego, Sam writes about the internal journey of fatherhood as well as t...
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