Teen Spirit Wicca

Teen Spirit Wicca

Teen Spirit Wicca will cut to the chase and give you just what you need to start practicing the Craft and living your life as a Wiccan today.


Nature-based practices like Wicca and Witchcraft are exploding in popularity all over the world. The days of old dudes spoon-feeding us religion from a pulpit are giving way to the age of information and active learning. Young people are growing up with an understanding of how to connect with the divine on their own terms. If you’re a teenager today, you’re in a great position to seek out spiritual teachings that are more widely accessible than ever before. Wicca is one of those teachings.
With this practical guide, you’ll get the lowdown on what Wiccans believe and practice, and how to become one yourself. Some of the information on the Craft of the Wise can seem vast, overwhelming, and even a little boring. But have no fear! Teen Spirit Wicca will cut to the chase and give you just what you need to start practicing the Craft and living your life as a Wiccan today.


Although aimed at teenagers wanting to learn about Wicca this book would work well for all ages and anyone coming to the Craft. Covering the history (but totally NOT in a boring history lesson way!) including mention of those people that laid the foundations of modern witchcraft and a beautifully written creation myth. This book covers all the basics and then some - deities, Wiccan practice, Sabbats, ritual, tools, magick and daily practive to name but a few of the chapters. Very comprehensive and as I would expect from David exceptionally well written. ~ Rachel Patterson, Witch, high priestess and author: http://tansyfiredragon.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/teen-spirit-wicca.html

What I like about Teen Spirit Wicca is that although it is aimed at beginners, it is not dumbed down. It not only covers the history of witchcraft; concepts of the God and Goddess; core Wiccan beliefs and practices; rituals and spells and the ethics of witchcraft, it also goes into topics that are particularly relevant for teenagers, such as how to talk to your parents about it. At the end of the book are chapters of spells and rituals that you can easily do at home with things that are easy to find around the house or garden such as candles, flowers and common herbs ~ Lucya Starza, http://www.badwitch.co.uk/

It's time for a fresh approach to Teen Wicca, especially one written by someone who began to walk the Old Path as a teen, and now can look back on that experience as an adult. Young Wiccans will learn the fundamental tenets of Wiccan practice, guidance for rituals, and the full text of a self-dedication for those who wish to journey further. No longer should any teen Wiccan feel alone. ~ Edain McCoy author of The Witch's Coven and The Witch's Moon

David Salisbury's take on Wicca is hip, slick and down to earth, and eminently suitable for the newbie. Seekers can feel secure in Salisbury's expertise as well as his fresh approach, and I look forward to recommending it to young people who pass my way, looking for an introductory text that speaks directly to them. ~ Ann-Marie Gallagher, author of The Spells Bible

In Teen Spirit Wicca, David Salisbury distills Wiccan practice down to its most basic elements, providing an approachable and encouraging introduction to young seekers. Most of the spells and rituals require no more than two or three common household items; this is a practice that any kid can begin in his or her own bedroom. Having started his practice on his own at the age of 12, Salisbury also speaks from experience on an issue of concern to Wiccan/Pagan kids: how to cope with bullies with both magickal and mundane methods. This is an excellent beginner's book, and I'm going to give a copy to my own 12-year-old daughter. ~ Jennifer Hunter, author of 21st Century Wicca: A Young Witch's Guide to Living the Magical Life

David Salisbury offers keen insight for teenagers wondering where to start and how to practice Wicca. I especially like his analysis of the Charge of the Goddess, one of my favorite pieces of pagan poetry—and one that is not well understood. Being a 20-something himself, and not so far from his own school days, the author has good advice on bullying, ethics, working around being a magical kid under someone else's roof, and how to keep your balance in the middle of teenage energy. Better yet, he provides rituals, charms and spells for your own practice that answer your questions rather than leaving you scratching your head asking "now what?" When you read Teen Spirit Wicca, you will know the what and how of Wicca. ~ Dorothy Louise Abrams, co-founder of the Web PATH Center in Lyons, NY and author of Identity and the Quartered Circle: Studies in Applied Wicca

An interesting examination of Wicca from a teen viewpoint from a Wiccan who started down this Pagan spiritual path as a teen (as I did). Teen Spirit Wicca is a book which will give you a useful foundation for a lifetime of practice. ~ Kerr Cuhulain, Wiccan author and the Preceptor General of the Order of Scáthach

David Salisbury
David Salisbury David Salisbury is Wiccan clergy within Coven of the Spiral Moon, a coven based in Washington DC. The focal point of his spiritual practice ...
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