Toxic World, Toxic People

Toxic World, Toxic People

The Essential Guide to Health, Happiness, Parenting and Conscious Living

A jam-packed guide book full of researched information to detox your lifestyle, create happy and healthy children and to help tread lighter on the environment.


How do you take control of your own life, happiness and health when you dont know where to begin?  Anna shares with you her own personal experience, from a life with many health and mental well being setbacks from severe depression, suicidal episodes, and chronic fatigue, all brought on by toxic exposure and an unhappy childhood.
This guide will give you deeply inspiring tips to take charge of your health and of those around you. From the way we parent and educate our children, how we need to improve our relationships with one another, what you eat and drink, how we can heal  and detox ourselves naturally, finding our own happiness and higher purpose as well as appreciating nature and using the healing powers of the Sun.  You will find out how you can make a great impact for yourself and your loved ones by making simple choices, as well as having a new respect for the Earth.
Anna shares logical and powerful advice on where we are going wrong in the world with our health and happiness and how we can fix it.


Lives up to its subtitle as an essential guide to health, happiness, parenting in conscious living and I will certainly be consulting it frequently in the future. ~ David Lorimer, Paradigm Explorer

Anna's book Toxic World Toxic People opens your eyes to the madness of what we are doing to ourselves and the planet. Essential For Every Mother and Woman to read. ~ Jo Wood - organic pioneer and author, email

This is a bible for anyone wanting to live a healthy lifestyle, reduce toxic exposure through foods, home, environment, cosmetics, build immunity, and create a loving relationship with your children through attachment parenting. She's a thought-leader and really walks her talk. Anna I am so proud of this book. Everyone should have a copy. ~ Lathan Thomas, Mama Glow

Toxic World Toxic People is essential reading for anyone wanting to live their life with their eyes wide open. This massive tome is also an extensive parenting guide that broaches parents and mums to be some very important topics to ensure the long-term health and happiness of their children. Anna’s book covers almost every aspect of health and mental wellbeing for both mother and child. Anna has condensed many vitally important subjects into this one fascinating place, and makes difficult subjects very easy to digest. I think any reader willing to open their mind, would benefit from this book. Shazzie, TV Presenter & Author ~ Shazzie

Toxic World Toxic People is one of the most important books you can read, especially if you care about the health of your children and grandchildren. Anna has put together a most comprehensive and easy-to-understand guide to help us all navigate safely through the overt and covert pollutants impacting us all!. ~ Robert Scott Bell, D.A. Hom., Host of the Robert Scott Bell Radio Show ~ robert Scott Bell, Radio Show Host

Everyone should read this book if they intend on living a long and healthy life. Anna has compounded sound information on everything we need to know about the ever-present toxic lifestyle we are leading and how we can avoid it and effectively rehabilitate ourselves. Her emotional and physical journey brings a compassionate, personal edge to the very real dangers we face every day and how we blindly proceed through life unaware of how the items we are exposed to are slowly destroying us. Anna has broken down the barriers, myths and misconceptions of everything from cosmetics to vaccinations, to food and our general state of mind. The book is my go-to book for living a cleaner life. Every page is jam-packed full of invaluable knowledge and is guaranteed to have you thinking twice or shaking in your boots about the toxic-filled life you lead. ~ Laura Wells - Australian plus-size supermodel and environmental scientist.

An incisive examination of the many ills which afflict the modern world, full of wise advice, helping to lay down the path to a saner, more harmonious world. ~ Steve Taylor, best-selling author of The Fall (OBooks 2005), Waking from Sleep and Back to Sanity.

Bless the pioneers, ground-breakers and the insurgents wherever we find them. I felt compelled to write a book on everything you need to know that psychologists won’t tell you about parenting and how it determines adulthood. I really wrote it for me, what I would have wanted to read - but couldn’t find, until I wrote it. This book does the same thing. I believe Anna Rodgers has written the book we all need on how to avoid toxicity in the environment, near and far. She is also the only such source I know of, that truly understands that parenting is another critical aspect of toxicity. She gets the big picture and reports on it to those of us who want to know how to be healthier and happier, if only we can trust the source. The best part for me is that I can endorse what Mrs. Rogers says about parenting, something I cannot do for most parenting books. The bonus is that I am learning thanks to Anna. ~ Dr. Faye, aka Faye Snyder, PsyD, author of The Manual: The Definitive Book on Parenting and the Causal Theory, forensic evaluator, and parenting educa

‘Toxic World Toxic People’ is an inspiring, comprehensive step-by-step guide, through the toxic world we live in today. By using her own personal life experiences, Anna has managed to take us on a unique and inspiring journey to a healthier way of life. This book is not only interesting; it is factual, well researched and well written. It is a must read for anyone wishing to live a toxic free, healthier and happier lifestyle. ~ Christina England, author, research journalist and Regional Director of the Natural Solutions Foundation for the European Union.

Anna is not only a wealth of information, she writes everything in such an inspiring and easy to follow way. This book is an immensely valuable resource for the eco-conscious and for anyone looking to lead even a slightly more ethical and natural life. Thank you Anna, I know I'll refer to this for years to come (especially when I have kids). ~ Denise Duffield Thomas, Author of the books 'lucky bitch' & 'Get Rich, Lucky Bitch'.

An excellent guide book to ridding ourselves of the hidden toxicity that exists in everything from the food we eat to the consumer products we use daily, complete with a practical list of natural alternatives we can start using right away. This book is a great resource for anyone wanting to reach the next level of natural, vibrant health through lifestyle, habits and attitude—and most importantly, how to pass this on to their children for a lifetime of good health.”   ~ Ethan Evers, author of the book 'The Eden Prescription'.

Toxic World, Toxic People by Anna Rodgers, will make a wonderful contribution to your health and wellness. Anna shows us the way to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health benefits through a deep understanding of the basic principles, fundamental to achieving the health, happiness and environmental standards we so desire. From beginning to end, this book is a total labor of love. Anna’s thorough investigation into the toxicity we are experiencing today leads to numerous positive solutions, such as building immunity, how to empower our lives and improve our personal as well as planetary environments. I was impressed with the book’s vastness of scope, from taking charge of our own health through knowledge of nutrition and personal care products, to attachment parenting, to an extensive section on vaccination, to building loving relationships for adults and children, to the power of attraction, and so much more. There is absolutely no topic regarding physiological and psychological health left untouched in this powerful book, so essential for today. ~ Karen Ranzi, M.A, author of Creating Healthy Children and Raw Food Fun for Families.

Anna Rodgers is a true trailblazer. Her mission? To transform how you look after your mind, body and how you raise your children . Packed with life changing information, Toxic World, Toxic People uncovers the truth about what you are really facing when it comes to reclaiming your health and wellbeing. If you’re ready to open your eyes and discover what is really going on, read this book! ~ Dr Christy Fergusson, aka The Food Psychologist & author of Hot, Healthy, Happy.

Having spent a great deal of my life pioneering natural health, organic skincare, conscious living and a global wellness company I often get asked to endorse books, and have to politely decline. Not so with this gem !! Anna’s shines her light with a must have read & reference for anyone wanting to avoid a toxic world, for themselves, for their children, and for the planet. Contemporary solutions delivered with genuine love & care, excellent research and inspired writing. ~ Paul Loveday – Managing Director, Organic Love System & Australian Bush Flower Essences.

Anna has poured years of life experience and deep research into this generous, compassionate and immensely helpful book. If you are raising children and want to look after their well-being, if you're trying to figure out how to stay healthy with food, water and home and beauty products, or if you just want to hear the candid experiences of someone who suffered for making toxic choices - and learned how to fix them - then you'll benefit from hearing Anna's story and learning through her eyes and experience. She's been there and has done the research ahead of many of us, and shares it with the kindness and deep sense of compassion that is her trademark. I hope this is a sign of things to come - that home and beauty products look to people like Anna Rodgers for their inspiration, instead of selling the cheapest, most toxic stuff they can produce, and spending millions on ads to cover up their putrid toxicity. The beauty that Anna shares starts from inside your cells with good food, clean water and a clean home and emotional environment, and extends outward. It's a well-researched, helpful, warm and compassionate book, and one I think every mother and daughter would enjoy sharing. ~ Liam Scheff, author 'Official Stories'

This book is so needed. I repeat, SO NEEDED. The first time I read it, I remember thinking 'woah...this is way too heavy for me' but it wasn't, I just wasn't ready to hear the truths that this book reveals. Reading it is like having Anna on speed-dial, she shares her own personal journey about how she got sick and what she did to get well again, alongside amazing wisdom about the food we eat, toxic chemicals, natural beauty and how to be a fully aware parent. Anna is my number one go-to girl for busting myths about the health industry and providing real insight into conscious living and this book is a game changer." ~ Lisa Clark, Author of ' SASSY: The Go-for-it Girl's Guide to Becoming Mistress of Your Destiny .

This is an essential book for those looking to make conscious life choices for a cleaner, healthier way of living in this age of toxicity. Anna has combined the latest research to provide a comprehensive guide that covers a wealth of topics from toxic heavy metals and the nasty chemicals that lurk in everything from our food and drink to cosmetics and cleaning products, and how using natural foods, treatments and exercise can detoxify the mind, body and our environment. Anna also focuses on concepts such as contentment, forgiveness and affirmations to improve our happiness and wellbeing, and the latest parenting skills and techniques for bringing up happy and healthy children. Highly recommended. ~ Martin Gill, Yoga Magazine

'Toxic World, Toxic People' is not only a fantastic read, but is quite literally a must have resource for a healthier life. This easy-to-read, well researched book is full of helpful and comprehensive information and advice. The lists of health and eco friendly companies make it easy to implement the toxin free strategies needed to not only address acute and chronic health challenges, but to lead a well and happy long life. ~ Dr Rebecca Harwin, Author of Conquer Your Polycystic Ovary syndrome Naturally.

Anna Victoria Rodgers
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