Viva Voluptuous

Viva Voluptuous

When Ellie finds herself newly single, her confidence takes a nosedive. Will friends, sex and a Covent Garden flash mob bring it back?


    Ellie Johnston has just been dumped by her boyfriend Mark. Being dumped by the man she calls ‘The Weasel’ has dented her ego, and not only is she sulking, but as a plus-sized blogger she’s feeling like a fraud because her confidence in her curvaceousness has been seriously dented. While she’s still feeling raw, she comes across some evil comments on a newspaper website, which fire her up with a desire to show the world that you don’t have to conform to a skinny stereotype to be happy, healthy, successful and beautiful. She’s passionate about helping other women escape the tyranny of constant dieting and body hatred, after being caught up in it herself. She enlists the help of her two plus-sized and gorgeous girlfriends, Zoe and Lauren, to come up with a plan, and seeks solace in Jamie, a gorgeous younger man with commitment issues. The ‘Viva Voluptuous’ campaign takes the girls on a hilarious journey through PR disasters, dating sites and flash mobs but will it make a difference? And will Ellie get her curvy-girl mojo back again…?


    Contemporary and real, Viva Voluptuous is a raucous and resonant insight in to life, right now. It felt intelligent and honest whilst still being a page-turner; a behind-the-scenes account of what it’s like to be a woman caught in the chaos of work success, a challenging economy, modern relationships and the big one – self-image. You know this girl. Ellie Johnstone and Co are the type of friends you’d love to find yourself with. You’d cheer each other on, you’d sympathise, you’d laugh and you’d drink Pinot Grigio. The message is important still. What would it be like if we accepted ourselves, loved ourselves? Would that be OK? What would it mean for us? What would happen if we stopped all the bitching and criticism? What if we stopped the un-nourishing diets and the un-nourishing lifestyles? What if we focused on being the best versions of us and really started enjoying life? Viva Voluptuous explores the answers in a decadent and diary-esque way and I loved it. ~ Lyndsey Whiteside, Inspired PR.

    What a voice! The character is so likeable. I’m already rooting for her. I want to know what happens next! ~ Suzy Greaves - Editor of Psychologies Magazine

    There's a lot of talk around the facts of dieting and not dieting, but very little consideration to the feelings of the individual. What's really missing though is the stories, and as more women come to realise that they've been sucked in by the pursuit of thin and decide to point their lives in a new direction, I hope that more stories will emerge. Sarah's leading the way with a heartfelt, honest and humorous tale of living life confidently after saying no to dieting. Just what does happen after you turn your back on dieting? We're told that dieting can make drastic improvements in our confidence levels, yet these are rare, and certainly not long term. So does dieting bring that longed-for confidence? Just how do you feel great about your looks when you're told by all around you that you need to be thin to be good-looking? This is a must read for anyone who would like a glimpse into life after the diets. I laughed, I cried, I nodded like a loon in places but most of all I loved every word. More please! Highly recommended reading. ~ Jenny Jameson, founder of F*ck The Diets!

    As one of Sarah's regular blog followers I was looking forward to reading her novel and I wasn't disappointed. Viva Voluptuous is both fun and deadly serious. I loved the way Sarah combines feminism and no diet messages and concepts with a good old rom-com style story. If you're fed up of dieting and looking for a good read, this is the ticket. ~ Audrey Boss, Co-author of 'Beyond Chocolate' and 'Beyond Temptation', and co-founder of the Beyond Chocolate programme.

    I really enjoyed this book. So great (and unusual) to find a heroine who is comfortable with her bigger body. Inspiring, funny and real. ~ Keris Stainton, author of 'Emma Hearts LA'

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