What I Did for Love

What I Did for Love

An explicitly sexy novel without the four-letter words.


Wealthy young woman Dray Cooper loses her parents in a terrorist bombing of their airplane, leaving older brother Bredon as her only remaining family. When Bredon's financial empire is threatened by a hugely risky deal, from which his main partner, Rand, wants to withdraw, Dray makes a bargain with Rand, trading two nights of sex on his terms for his remaining in the deal. Set in New York City, What I Did for Love is an explicitly sexy novel without the four-letter words.


WHAT I DID FOR LOVE is one of those rare books that is both erotic and well written. Very well written. The highest praise I ever give a book is that it's a good read. There aren't many especially in this genre but Tessa Dane has managed to bring off that rare combination. I couldn't put it down. ~ Terry Martin Hekker, Author, Disregard First Book

Tessa Dane
Tessa Dane Tessa Dane is a college professor. She writes poetry and fiction.
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