• Art is life; life is art
    • Apr 18 2014
    •  A guest post from Helen Noble Life is about using art to understand our innate humanity and share our insight and experiences. Art is about using life to understand our innate humanity and share o...
    • Understanding the energy of Creative Rainbow Women
    • Apr 16 2014
    • by Lucy H Pearce   The energy of the Creative Rainbow Mother is to conceive, gestate and birth, over and over. Whereas that of the Earth Mother is to nurture the existent: she deals with wh...
    • Book Excerpt: Dreams of Dying by Elizabeth Herrera
    • Mar 27 2014
    • Excerpt from Dreams of Dying by Elizabeth Herrera Chapter 5 The sun broke through the clouds and radiated through the beach house windows. Seagulls shrieked and erratically flew as they searched fo...
    • Teen Spirit Series From Soul Rocks Books - May 2014!
    • Jan 14 2014
    • This year will see the release of some truly original and innovative spiritual non-fiction titles for teenagers and young adults. This new series of soulful offerings is called 'Teen Spirit'. We ar...
    • Without Fear of FallingA Novel

      After suppressing past-life visions since childhood, Ellie meets a mysterious stranger and is thrust back into a lifetime in 18th-century Britain.

    • Therapist's Cat, The

      A tale about  a psychotherapist and his cat who knows more about his clients and human evolution than he does.

    • How Not to Wear Black

      shows how the right colors, black, grey, red and blue, can stimulate, enhance, inspire or calm.