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Book of Sin, The

How to save the world - a practical guide

Jerry Hyde

Jul 2018

Renegade Gonzo therapist offers some suggestions as to how we can help change the world for the better in this time of turmoil and uncertainty.

Spiritual Slimming

Slim Your Life, Slim Your Body

Lara Wells

Jul 2010

Spiritual Slimming-Slim your life/Slim your body. The only thing between you and the life you want in one book.

Sometimes you have to Bite the Dog

One Father's Journey. One year with my daughter.

Sam Coleman

Nov 2013

A new father's experiences of the first year of raising a child. A year of tears, laughter, life and beauty.

Play From Your F*****g Heart

A somewhat twisted escape plan for people who usually hate self-help books

Jerry Hyde

Jul 2014

Taking therapy down to street level, a rock and roll guidebook to the science of the bleedin’ obvious.

Living and Coping with Epilepsy, My Way

Cara Coles

Feb 2015

We really can have anything we want out of life, no matter what, let's stop Epilepsy from getting in the way of what we truly want out of life.

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