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Book of Sin, The

How to save the world - a practical guide

Jerry Hyde

Jul 2018

Renegade Gonzo therapist offers some suggestions as to how we can help change the world for the better in this time of turmoil and uncertainty.

Spiritual Slimming

Slim Your Life, Slim Your Body

Lara Wells

Jul 2010

Spiritual Slimming-Slim your life/Slim your body. The only thing between you and the life you want in one book.

High Heeled Guide to Spiritual Living, The

Alice Grist

Jul 2011

This is a fierce, loving, funny and compassionate account of how to be truly spiritual in the 21st Century. 

How Not to Wear Black

Jules Standish

Jul 2011

shows how the right colors, black, grey, red and blue, can stimulate, enhance, inspire or calm.

Following My Thumb

Gabriel Morris

Jun 2012

Follow Gabriel Morris as he takes you around the world and to the far corners of your soul and back.

Tears of a Phoenix

Helen Noble

May 2012

The offer of a sensational ride alongside a unique individual in his quest to find freedom from his criminal past.

Toxic World, Toxic People

The Essential Guide to Health, Happiness, Parenting and Conscious Living

Anna Victoria Rodgers

Jun 2014

A jam-packed guide book full of researched information to detox your lifestyle, create happy and healthy children and to help tread lighter on the environment.

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