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Without Fear of Falling by Danielle Boonstra

Without Fear of Falling

Danielle Boonstra

Apr 2013

After suppressing past-life visions since childhood, Ellie meets a mysterious stranger and is thrust back into a lifetime in 18th-century Britain.

Power Tools by Jean Adrienne

Power Tools

Jean Adrienne

Jan 2013

You CAN have everything you want! Learn how to use your innate power to create abundant love, money, success and great health.

Oh Great, Now I Can Hear Dead People by Deborah Durbin

Oh Great, Now I Can Hear Dead People

Deborah Durbin

Dec 2012

Story of Sam who starts to hear voices of real dead people which allows her to become a psychic to the stars with her own slot on a prime time TV show.

Mystery of Woman, The by Gabriel Morris

Mystery of Woman, The

Gabriel Morris

Sep 2012

A book about love, romance and sexuality featuring more than thirty authors

Following My Thumb by Gabriel Morris

Following My Thumb

Gabriel Morris

Jun 2012

Follow Gabriel Morris as he takes you around the world and to the far corners of your soul and back.

Tears of a Phoenix by Helen Noble

Tears of a Phoenix

Helen Noble

May 2012

The offer of a sensational ride alongside a unique individual in his quest to find freedom from his criminal past.

Therapist's Cat, The by Stephanie June Sorrell

Therapist's Cat, The

Stephanie June Sorrell

Jan 2012

A tale about  a psychotherapist and his cat who knows more about his clients and human evolution than he does.

Sex, Drugs & Techno by Paul Eldridge

Sex, Drugs & Techno

Paul Eldridge

Aug 2011

Sex, Drugs &Techno offers an entire generation a sense of deeper meaning.

High Heeled Guide to Spiritual Living, The by Alice Grist

High Heeled Guide to Spiritual Living, The

Alice Grist

Jul 2011

This is a fierce, loving, funny and compassionate account of how to be truly spiritual in the 21st Century. 

How Not to Wear Black by Jules Standish

How Not to Wear Black

Jules Standish

Jul 2011

shows how the right colors, black, grey, red and blue, can stimulate, enhance, inspire or calm.

Saturday Night Believer by Scott Fellows

Saturday Night Believer

Scott Fellows

Dec 2010

tells what happens when an evangelical Christian band sings Gospel in the pubs and clubs of Northern England. 

Spiritual Slimming by Lara Wells

Spiritual Slimming

Lara Wells

Jul 2010

Spiritual Slimming-Slim your life/Slim your body. The only thing between you and the life you want in one book.

An American in Heaven by Gordon Phinn

An American in Heaven

Gordon Phinn

Oct 2009

Chic-lit goes to the afterlife and finds it both more and less than expected. Kind of groovy really.

  • Jules StandishJules StandishAs a professional colour consultant and stylist, I am passionate about colour and its life changing ...
  • Lucy H. PearceLucy H. PearceLucy H. Pearce, 32, lives and breathes the creative rainbow mother archetype in a little pink house ...
  • Jerry HydeJerry HydeJerry Hyde was educated at Bryanston School in Dorset and went onto art school at Kingston before wo...
  • Jan Krause GreeneJan Krause GreeneJan Krause Greene lives in a suburb of Boston. While raising five sons, she wrote HOMEFRONT, a popu...
  • Alice GristAlice GristAlice Grist is the author of The High Heeled Guide to Enlightenment and The High Heeled Guide to Spi...
  • Natasha DavidNatasha DavidSydneysider Natasha David explored many avenues of assistance to overcome the debilitating depressio...
  • Anna Victoria RodgersAnna Victoria RodgersAfter leading a very unwell life, Anna healed herself naturally after discovering she was very ill d...
  • Deborah DurbinDeborah DurbinDeborah Durbin is the author of 11 non-fiction books and one novel. She has 15 years' experience wor...
  • Daniela I. NorrisDaniela I. NorrisDaniela I. Norris is a former diplomat, turned political writer, and with age and wisdom - inspirati...
  • David SalisburyDavid SalisburyDavid Salisbury is Wiccan clergy within Coven of the Spiral Moon, a coven based in Washington DC. Th...
  • Stephanie June SorrellStephanie June SorrellStephanie's main passions are the psychospiritual dimension of life and the natural environment. She...
  • Gabriel MorrisGabriel MorrisGabriel Morris was born in Vancouver, Canada, raised in rural northern California and has also lived...
  • Cara ColesCara ColesCara Coles works as a healthcare professional, living with her husband, a busy household of dogs and...
  • Colette BrownColette BrownColette Brown BSc MRPharmS answered her calling and gave up working as a pharmacist in 1996. Her dre...
  • Jean AdrienneJean AdrienneJean Adrienne is a breakthrough coach, assisting her clients to make quantum changes in their busine...
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